Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mayhem Created by Islamists at CSTC Bus Stand in Amta

Hindus Responded Simultaneously
On October 3, 2012, Amta CSTC Bus Stand in Howrah remained witness to a Hindu-Muslim brawl dashing hopes of Hindus that Howrah would remain out of escalating Hindu-Muslim conflicts throughout Bengal. And the incident happened when Subrata Dey (a.k.a Happyda), highly influential family in the vicinity, was entering into the CSTC bus with his daughter. He, at that moment, had a fracas with a few Islamist youths of Chandrapur. And the scuffle led to utter destruction of the bus by the same gang of Muslim felons.

Later, Hindu youths of the locality dealt with the issue and owing to their thrashing Islamists had to give in. Two of them were kept captive by Hindus.

However, as soon as the bus reached mazar at Chandrapur, Islamists dragged Happyda’s daughter from the bus forcibly, blocked the road and destroyed a few more buses of CSTC and those who ply Amta-Sankrail route. The news did spread like a wild fire and to handle the situation, Biswanath Laha, president of Trinamool Congress at Uluberia (North) assembly constituency, appeared their swiftly. He freed the said two Islamist youths, freed Happyda’s daughter and left the place along with her soon.

The development was enough to make Hindus furious – they blocked No. 10 Amta Kalatala at Amta CSTC bus stand for hours. Even if police teams from P.S. Amt arrived there, they failed to pacify angry Hindus and the blockade continued for almost three hours. Later on, hearing SDPO’s assurance that Muslim culprits would be nabbed within next 24 hours, the road blockade was lifted.  But CSTC bus route between Uluberia and Sankrail remained off for the whole day.

In the next day, police arrested 12 Islamists; 6 of them were sent to court.

It is to be noted, on October 1, 2012, Islamists citing assault on religion through the movie made in United States blocked roads before Chandrapur at Amta and also Kansra and Munsirhat, P.S. Jagatballavpur for four hours.

All these led to wrath among Hindus against Islamists.

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